Student Records and Transcripts

Student Transcripts

Most colleges and universities require an official transcript when students request a transfer of CFT credits. An official transcript costs $15.00. If you need an official or unofficial transcript please contact CFT office at (305)237-3051 (unofficial copies are free for member institutions).

Transferring Your College Credits to CFT – Transfer Credit Evaluation

CFT accepts transfer college credits from most colleges and universities. In order to transfer credit(s) to CFT, students will need to send a request along with their official transcript from that college and/or university (transfer fees apply). Please instruct your college and/or university to send your transcript directly to the CFT office. Upon completion of the transfer credit evaluation by CFT, students will be informed of which college and or university credits were accepted into their CFT student record and the appropriate fees.

Evaluation Services

To receive a personalized evaluation of your diploma, certificate and/or degree eligibility, please email the CFT office at requesting an evaluation of your CFT records.

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