Financial Literacy Program

Many consumers have little understanding of finances, how credit works and the potential hit to financial well-being that poor financial decisions can create for many years.

Research shows a lack of financial understanding as one of the main reasons many Americans struggle with saving and investing.

At CFTINTL, we recognize the importance of financial literacy for our students and community, which is why we designed an entire program targeting the deficiency of financial education.

The “Students Teaching Students” financial literacy program equips students and families with the information and resources necessary to make sound financial decisions. This is especially important when paying for college, defaulting on student loans, applying for credit and raising financial literacy awareness among first-generation college students.  CFTINTL collaborates annually with many financial institutions and organizations such as TD Bank, Popular Bank, Banco Santander, State Farm, Truist Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, among many others.  The project reaches over 600 Miami Dade College students annually and their families.

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