In-house & Contract Training

What is In-House Custom Training?

Any of the hundreds of courses and seminars offered by CFT can be delivered at your financial institution, on a day and time convenient for your employees.

How does it work?

We will develop the program to meet your needs to include designing the program, locating the right instructor and preparing the materials. You can choose from our existing list of courses or a program can be customized for your organization.

Why should you consider custom training?

  • Consistency – your staff will hear the same message at the same time.
  • Value – you will be surprised at how economical the training can be.
  • Convenience – programs can be offered at your location, which reduces expenses and time.
  • Flexibility – CFTAS has been supporting the training needs of financial organizations for over 100 years. We understand that training is not a stand-alone project. The needs of the organization must be incorporated into any training plan.

What is Contract Training?

Contract Training is the use supplemental training resources – “contract trainers” – for specific projects and/or assignments including software conversions, vacancies, integrations due to mergers and acquisitions, new product rollouts and specialized training for staff at all levels.

How does it work?

CFT provides contract trainers upon demand when an institution’s own internal training resources require additional short and/or long-term training staff. Upon identification of a training and/or consulting need, CFT seeks experienced and qualified individuals for the assignment. Resumes are submitted to the client institution for review and in-person and/or telephone meetings are scheduled. Once selection is made by the client institution of one or more individuals, a proposal is sent with deliverables and fees. Fees are based on the length of the assignment and number of training days confirmed per assignment.

How does your organization get started? Simply contact Connie Laguna at It’s that easy!

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