Future Bankers and Financial Professionals Camp

Future Bankers and Financial Professionals Camp

The Future Bankers and Financial Professionals Camp is designed to motivate and tap into the talent of high-achieving minority students from low-income areas, providing them a clear and promising career path in the financial services industry. It is a collaborative effort of the Center for Financial Training International (CFT), local community colleges, universities, school districts and financial services institutions. This tremendously successful program benefits not only the students but the community and the industry, as well.


The financial services industry, which has been widely cited for its lack of diversity, has had a very positive reaction to the camp since its inception. Minorities are still struggling to get a foot in the door of this extremely lucrative and important aspect of the American economy, and this camp has enabled them to do just that. Job and career opportunities in this field can lift individuals and families from poverty, and ultimately assist in building strong, vibrant communities.

Having more financial professionals integrated into minority communities is a critical step for developing economic self-sufficiency for all minorities, not just those who enter the industry. Through better understanding, they are able to reach out to other minority families and assist them in implementing methods needed to get ahead.


The Future Bankers & Financial Professionals Camp is geared toward rising high school juniors and seniors from high-risk neighborhoods. It has been developed to enhance their career and college readiness and financial education, while preparing them for a career in this profitable field. This four week college level camp for minority, high potential students includes two weeks of classroom instructions followed by two weeks of real world experience provided through job shadowing, site visits, industry presentations, hands on activities, and more.

The goal is to provide students not only with entry level training, but more importantly, to put them on an upwardly mobile career path. To accomplish this, students are taught not only about the bank-teller, universal banker and customer service rep roles, but also other critical workplace skills. The carefully designed curriculum addresses practical knowledge and applied skills in banking, regulatory compliance for tellers and customers service reps, business etiquette, customer service and sales.

Students are also taught the basic skills and ideals employers deem most important:

  • Professionalism 
  • Work Ethic
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Teamwork
  • Written and Oral Communication 

What really sets the Future Bankers & Financial Professionals Camp apart, however, is that students actually have the opportunity to put these skills into practice. 


Site visits are held the last two weeks of the program at participating financial institutions, the Federal Reserve, and other industry partners where students are introduced to varying types of financial services industry organizations and professionals. Students may participate in job shadowing, mock interviews, pitch competitions, panel discussions, group projects, financial education, personal branding exercises and more. 

It is these on-site learning experiences that distinguish the Camp from traditional education in the financial services industry. Students are invited to step beyond the classroom to see and experience the role of professionals within the financial field. For many, this is their first experience which requires accountability and professionalism, and it is this hands-on, pragmatic approach that provides the real-life skills needed in a competitive, global market.


Prospective students are chosen through a rigorous selection process and must meet the following criteria:

  • Recommended by the high school administrator, lead teacher, or guidance counselor
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Letter of recommendation/reference
  • Ability to meet all program and site-visit requirements

Students who complete the camp and pass the test receive the American Bankers Association (ABA’s) Bank Teller Certificate, Customer service representative certificate, Universal Banker Certificate or Digital Banker Certificate, widely recognized industry credentials for entry-level employment.

Supporting Strategic Imperatives

The Future Bankers & Financial Professionals Camp’s innovative education and training program improves career and college readiness by immersing young people in college-level coursework and providing them with real-life experiences. It develops understanding of opportunities for postsecondary degrees and certificates, as well as financial education skills needed for life. 

We invite financial institutions and other financial services organizations to join us in providing this exceptional, life changing program. Interested organizations may participate in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Fund student participation by adopting a future banker/financial professional 
  • Provide grant funding for program support 
  • Serve as a program instructor and/or guest speaker 
  • Provide internship or site visit opportunity (virtual or face-to-face) 

Center for Financial Training (CFT) International’s mission is to provide professionally administered educational programs that will continually meet the needs of the financial services industry.

Interested in participating? Email us at claguna@mdc.edu.

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