SANS Security Awareness Suite


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This suite is comprised of 12 learning modules that together provide each individual with the training needed to be compliant with overall security awareness standards.

Produced by the SANS Institute
*Only available as a suite. Durations are approximate.

  • You are the Shield;(1 minute)
    This course introduces the concept of creating a strong cyber shield to enable employees to take control of and protect their cyber activities at home and at work.
  • Social Engineering;(3 minutes)
    Many of todays cyber-attacks are based on social engineering. This course explains what social engineering is and provides real-world examples of such an attack and how to detect and respond to it.
  • Malware;(3 minutes)
    Malware is software that is used to perform malicious actions. This module explains what malware is, provides examples of commonly used malware.
  • Email and Phishing;(4 minutes)
    Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods cyber attackers use to target organizations. This course explains what phishing is, how phishing attacks work and how to detect and stop them.
  • Browsing Safely;(2 minutes)
    Browsers and their plugins are a common target for attackers. In this course employees learn how to browse safely, keep their browser and plugins updated and scan what they download.
  • Social Networks;(2 minutes)
    This course provides examples of the risks of sharing information online via social networks and discusses what employees can do to prevent identity theft, scams, and targeted attacks.
  • Mobile Devices;(3 minutes)
    Mobile devices today have the same functionality, complexity and risks as a computer, but with the additional risk of being highly mobile and easy to lose. This course provides tips for keeping mobile devices updated and secure.
  • Passwords;(4 minutes)
    Passwords are critical for information security. This course, explains why passwords are so important and discusses how to protect and safely use secure passwords.
  • Targeted Attacks;(4 minutes)
    Targeted attacks, such as spear phishing and CEO Fraud, involve research on the target before the attack is launched. This updated course provides a real-world example of how a targeted attack works and how everyone can protect and defend against them.
  • Data Security;(5 minutes)
    This course explains how to protect sensitive data including transferring or sharing information, and requirements for securely disposing of sensitive material.
  • Hacked;(2 minutes)
    No matter how effective and secure your employees are, there will be hacking incidents. This course focuses on how employees can identify and report a data breach.
  • Conclusion Video;(2 minutes)

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These courses are appropriate for everyone at all levels in a bank.


Approximately 35 minutes


1.0 CAFP, 1.0 CFSSP

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