Workforce Development

Training and education from CFT/ABA spans the many diverse roles and opportunities today’s world of banking offers. Explore options for any level and areas of focus.


Those entering the banking industry—whether as a high school or college graduate, transitioning from another industry or from the military—can get up to speed quickly to be an effective contributor with these offerings.

Core Skills Include:

  • Understanding banking terminology
  • Banks as a business
  • Customer service

CFT/ABA Offerings Include:

  • Understanding Bank Products
  • Banking Fundamentals
  • Basic Bank Training for Veterans – transitioning careers
  • Community Bank Online Training Suites
  • Essential Selling Skills Bundle


At this level, managers focus on building high performing and collaborative teams, and understand the benefits of diversity.

Core Skills Include:

  • Delegation and empowering individuals
  • Communicating and demonstrating ethical behavior
  • Managing change

CFT/ABA Offerings include:

  • Management Essentials Suite
  • Leadership in Action Suite
  • Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite
  • Community Bank suites
  • Leveraging the Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
  • Improving Productivity
  • Employment Law Online
  • Dealing Effectively with Coworkers
  • Essentials of Workplace Conduct
  • Building a Culture of Ethics



Rising leaders understand how to meet your customers’ needs and communicate effectively to achieve goals.

Core Skills Include:

  • Designing and implementing growth strategies
  • Creating a positive, engaging culture and motivating talent
  • Negotiating with and influencing others to work towards a common goal

CFT/ABA Offerings Include:

  • CFT/ABA-Wharton Emerging Leaders Online Certificates
  • Emerging Leaders Forum
  • Women’s Leadership Forum
  • Washington Summit


Experienced leaders understand how all areas of the bank interact and how decisions in one area influences other business lines.

Core Skills Include:

  • Reinforcing strategic planning
  • Risk management, finance and performance management
  • Managing the unforeseen crisis

CFT/ABA Offerings Include:

  • Stonier Graduate School of Banking
  • Annual Convention
  • Conference for Community Bankers
  • Washington Summit and Forums
  • Succession Planning Toolkit
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