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This suite of two courses, two exercises and two toolkits explores the unique characteristics of the small business market that make it an attractive source of potential business for your bank. Develop an understanding of the overall relationship between the borrowing cause, loan purpose, and repayment source to better understand small business clients credit needs.

Completing this suite develops the key skills needed to create and sustain successful small business relationships. Through a blended-learning approach with micro-lessons, practice exercises and toolkits, lessons can be applied on the job immediately.
*Only available as a suite

  • Knowing Your Small Business Clients
    Understand the common characteristics and expectations of small business owners in order to become a better banking partner. Learn the banking needs of small business owners, why they borrow money, and how they typically repay loans.
  • Knowing Your Small Business Clients – Apply What Youve Learned
    Practice identifying common characteristics of small business owners and connecting them with solutions that meet their needs.
  • Communicating Credit Decisions
    This course guides you through best practices in communicating credit approvals, opportunities, and counteroffers to your clients. Explore possible reasons for a decline, and discover a model to help with communicating a decline.
  • Closing the Sale – Apply What Youve Learned
    Practice applying the skills and techniques required to close and follow up on sales, and to communicate credit decisions effectively.
  • Small Business Borrowing – Learner Toolkit
    Learn practical applications to increase learning retention and provides additional reference materials.
  • Small Business Borrowing – Coach’s Toolkit
    Learn the value of working with team members to increase their learning retention; with plenty of additional reference materials.

The estimated time to complete each of these four courses and exercises is approximately 20 minutes. Students have access to the curriculum for one year from date of purchase.

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Approximately 20 minutes


0.5 CFMP, 0.5 CLBB

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