Selling in a Social World


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The Internet has changed the way consumer and financial products are sold. You need more effective and efficient strategies to extend your reach, find new prospects, stay top of mind and drive new business. These expert-led, engaging online courses provide practical tips and tactics to take advantage of the many tools offered by LinkedIn, the largest;professional social channel.
Selling in a Social World: Extend Your Reach
Whether looking for services or responding to your outreach, consumers search individuals like they shop. When they find you, does your LinkedIn profile help you earn business? Are you leveraging your network to find prospects, drive referrals and ask for introductions? Are you making the most of your time by keeping up with your network and industry?
Selling in a Social World: Engage Your Audience
Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn and built your network, it’s time to raise your online visibility and stay close to clients and prospects. Posting and communicating through LinkedIn – within the scope of your bank’s social media policies* – will give you the opportunity to develop deeper connections.

What You’ll Learn

  • Selling in a Social World: Extend Your Reach
  • Create a dynamic profile that stands out and increases your visibility in search results
  • Build a powerful network of clients and prospects
  • Stay smart by tuning into news from your network and industry
  • Selling in a Social World: Engage Your Audience
  • Share relevant content to stay top of mind
  • Become a brand ambassador and enhance your professional reputation
  • Engage with your connections through comments, groups, messaging, and more
  • *Did You Know? According to various federal and state regulatory bodies, all social media posts sent for business purposes must be archived and retained. Check with your bank to see what, if any, archiving/retention solution they have in place.

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    Financial services salespeople and leaders including mortgage originators, business and commercial bankers, and bank management.


    Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes



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