ABA-Wharton Emerging Leaders - Advanced Emerging Leadership

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: ABA

This certificate program is taught through a series of short 10-20 minute videos from top-tier Wharton leadership experts, together with assessments to ensure learners understand key concepts. A well-rounded leader understands how to define success in their terms and how pursuing a meaningful life improves your performance as a leader. Understand the framework of power and influence, how to develop trust and the best method of communication for negotiation.

Required Modules

  • Introductory Video Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli and ABA’s Jim Edrington
  • Success:
    -Launching your Personal Search for Success
    -How to Think about Success on your Own Terms
    -Diving Deeper: What Research Tells Us About Achievement and Happiness
    -Putting it Together: Charting Your Path to the Future
  • Leading the Life You Want:
    -Leadership from the Point of View of the Whole Person
    -Develop the Six Leadership Skills of Conveying Values through Stories
    -Learn the Six Leadership Skills of Aligning Actions and Values
    -Learn the Essential Leadership Skills of Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Influence:
    -Define Influence
    -Examine Social Networks and Relationships
    -Develop your Persuasive Tactics and Rhetoric to Increase your Influence
    -Examine the Ethical Implications of Persuasion
  • Communication:
    -Cooperation, Competition and Comparisons
    -Effective Communication


Prerequisites: None

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Length: Approximately 41 hours

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