“NEW” Business Lending Certificate Program

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“New” Business Lending Certificate Program – Providing Serious Instruction for Serious Bankers

As we move into the future, bankers will see many challenges. One challenge is having qualified lenders who are not only excellent negotiators, but also know documentation, and are current on special issues confronting today’s borrowers. A trained lender is a commodity in today’s market that cannot be over-looked.

Whether you are a 15-year veteran lender or junior lender; learning or just refreshing your lending skills is a necessity in today’s competitive banking environment.

Purpose of the Certificate

The purpose of the Business Lending Certificate is to prepare mid-level bankers to serve effectively and profitably as commercial loan officers by developing:

  • A better understanding of the economy and how it affects the lending decision;
  • An understanding of how a business is structured and how it completes;
  • An understanding of the role of a company’s management and how to analyze and evaluate that management;
  • A thorough understanding of basic and advanced analytical techniques;
  • An opportunity to apply these analytical techniques in a series of lending situations and to carry them forward in the structuring of the loans;
  • An understanding of relationship banking-how to meet multiple customer financial needs profitability;
  • A thorough understanding of how problem loans develop and the appropriate techniques to use in managing a problem loan;
  • An understanding of their bank’s tolerance for risk, the risk assumed in the loan portfolio and their bank’s credit process to manage the risks.

After successfully completing the Business Lending Certificate lenders will have a full knowledge needed to evaluate, structure and negotiate a commercial loan.