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The high quality training you’ve always received from CFT courses is now accessible on the Internet.

Training delivered right to your office or home, through your computer!

You can attend these nationwide courses and seminars without ever having to leave your home or office. Thanks to today’s technology, there is no need to make (or pay for!) travel plans or lose valuable time out of the office. These programs are offered in an easy-to-use online classroom format. They are instructor facilitated and all activities are completed on the Internet.

Benefits To You……….

  • Provides cost-effective training
  • Participation is anytime/anywhere
  • You can fit these courses into the busiest of schedules
  • You’ll build a national or perhaps an international network of professional colleagues
  • With each course and seminar you’ll receive credit toward a CFT diploma or certificate
  • You can receive credits toward a college degree

Did you know that better than 98% of CFT online students would recommend their course to others?

CFT offers instructor-led online courses in a convenient format that only requires an internet connection and an active e-mail account. Instructor led online courses are offered in 5 through 16 week format. Each week, students read an online lecture, along with their textbook, and submit an assignment to their instructor either through a discussion board posting, via direct e-mail, or a combination of the two. Students enrolled in CFT’s online classes enjoy the flexibility of not being required to be online at a specific day or time and the convenience of having an instructor with subject matter expertise only an e-mail away. Quizzes and exams are administered electronically and are submitted to the instructor for grading. CFT believes strongly in making every student’s online technical experience as easy as possible. We support students by having our own technical team available to students 24 hours a day! The industry standard for online course completion is less than 50%, but thanks to the dedication of CFT students and instructors, better than 95% of CFT students successfully complete their online course. CFT is confident that you will too.

How Do CFT Online Courses Work?

The course will be facilitated by an experienced and knowledgeable training specialist who will guide you through each lesson and is available to answer questions and provide feedback on your assignments. Each week, you will receive one or more assignments over the internet. The assignments will include:

  • reading a chapter in your textbook (provided through the mail before the course begins)
  • completing short assignments and either forwarding the assignments electronically to your instructor or posting it on the electronic class Discussion Board.
  • taking a self-check test.

In addition, you also will have some assignments where you will collaborate with other students using electronic discussion boards, chat rooms, and e-mail.

The semester length courses will have a mid-term examination and a final examination.  Your overall grade for the class will be based on your performance on the weekly assignments, mid-term examinations and the final examination. The 5-week seminars have a final examination only.

Earn College Credits And Work Towards Professional Credentials


Textbook/Learning Materials

The textbook/material cost for 10, 15 and 16-week courses is included in the tuition. The 5-week course learning materials are available online. A fee of $27.00 will be added to the invoice for shipping and handling of textbooks. Additional S&H charges apply for international orders.

Withdrawal Policy

A student who must withdraw from a CFT instructor-led on-line course must submit a written cancellation.  Students who withdraw 7 days or more before the start date of class are not subject to a withdrawal fee or tuition charge.  Students who withdraw between 6 days before the class begins and 10 days from the start date will be responsible for a withdrawal fee of $100 plus book cost (if applicable) unless the book is returned in new condition within 7 days.  A student who withdraws after 10 days from the start date will be responsible for the full class tuition.