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Assisted Self-Study Information:

With assisted self-study, the student is expected to study on his/her own, yet he/she can contact an assigned instructor with any questions. Upon registering for a class, the student will receive a textbook, guidelines, and course assignments by chapter. The exams (usually a mid-term and a final) will be proctored by the student’s supervisor or manager (or similar position) at his/her branch, department or other location convenient to both student and supervisor or manager.

A CFT instructor, with expertise in the student’s chosen course, will provide personal attention to the student whenever he/she requests it. The student will have phone and fax numbers, as well as an e-mail address when available, to communicate with his/her instructor. Upon completion of the class the student will receive a grade report. The grade will be based on all written work submitted for the course (exercises, quizzes, mid-term, final).


A student may register for a self-study class at any time throughout the year. The registration form can be copied for multiple enrollments. The form must be completed in full, including the signatures of the student and a supervisor or manager who can approve the cost of the course.


A $100 drop fee applies for self-study courses. If a book has been sent, a textbook fee will also be charged. Any withdrawals received later than 7 days after materials have been mailed will be charged full tuition. Students can request an extension for a fee of $100.

Shipping/Handling Fee: $27.00 / Additional fees apply for Orders Outside USA


*Testing Out Study Tuition: $95.00


Non-members add $50.00 to Self-Study tuition and $20.00 to Testing Out.   Maximum time allowed for completion is 4-6 months.