ABA Bank Service Provider Certificate

The ABA Bank Service Provider Certificate is designed for individuals employed by companies that provide products and services to the banking industry. Bank service providers need a broad understanding of the banking business, including banking terminology, and can benefit from the same content used by the institutions they will be selling to and servicing.
This curriculum provides participants with an understanding of the role that banks play, the products and services they offer, and the kinds of customers they serve. After completing this curriculum, participants will have a better understanding of the language of bankers, their core products, as well as the regulatory and ethical constraints under which banks operate.

Required Courses

You must complete the following courses:

  • Banking Today or Principles of Banking
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Fundamentals of Consumer Lending
  • Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
  • Understanding Bank Products

The estimated time to complete these 5 courses is approximately 12 hours. Students have access to the curriculum for 1 year from date of purchase.

*ABA Principles of Banking may be substituted.

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