SAR Decision Making

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There are two major sources of red flags: the systems and the frontline. What are your procedures from systems or frontline to investigation to SAR? These procedures could save your financial institution from expensive fraud and money laundering, or if improper, they could result in lack of a systematic approach to the AML program. This program includes a review of the New SAR and its new data fields.

Covered Topics
-What is a red flag?
-What should your response be?
-What does it mean to conduct an investigation?
-When do you file a SAR? What are the time constraints?
-New SAR data fields
-How often do you have to file SARs?
-When do you close an account?
-The integration of the system, the frontline and the investigation all become your financial institution’s AML program
-Putting together the pieces of an AML program

Audience: This webinar is designed for BSA Officers, BSA coordinators, Compliance Officers and Security Officers.

Prerequisites: n/a

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