CTRs: Line by Line

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The webinar will go line by line through the CTR. You will learn how to avoid pitfalls and common errors. These errors can cost you time and penalties in corrections. You will receive a large handbook of common scenarios at your financial institution plus you will be trained on the latest instructions and interpretations.

Covered Topics
-What is a FinCEN directed back filing?
-How to make sure everyone?s role is correctly represented
-How to make sure all the components are complete including RSSD numbers
-Don?t treat owners on corporations as if this is their own account
-How to make sure your box on line 24 is checked if there is no person listed on the transaction
-When to check the appropriate area on the money page such as negotiable instrument cashed
-How to complete when an Armored Car Service is involved
-To make sure the form is complete for IOLTA accounts
-Don?t forget the rules on joint accounts when the money goes in and out
-How to make sure sole proprietors are reported on the same page as the business
-How to fill out the CTR for Sole Proprietors, LLCs, Joint Accounts and lots more examples of the CTR
-Getting Occupation right

Audience: This webinar will benefit tellers, teller managers, branch operations, deposit services, training, new accounts CTR Coordinators and BSA Officer.

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 2.5 CE

Length: 2 hours

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