Compliance Management System (CMS): What a Successful Program Looks Like

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Read virtually any enforcement order these days and you?ll see a common theme: a criticism of the institution?s Compliance Management System, or CMS. The thought process goes like this: if the institution had a better way to identify, manage, and remediate its risks, regulatory intervention and/or penalties may not be necessary, or to such a drastic degree. You could call this the credibility argument; the institution is just not credible when it comes to its compliance capabilities.

This is not just a subjective exercise. There are very clear expectations around what institutions must have to meet regulatory expectations. Virtually all the federal regulators have issued guidance on what should be present in an effective CMS. This webinar will explore this topic and those expectations, along with providing guidance as to maintaining your institution?s CMS in order to be credible and minimize compliance risk wherever possible.

Covered Topics:
-What elements are necessary in a well-designed and managed CMS?
-Regulatory guidance from various agencies
-Operating in a 3 Lines of Defense environment
-What are the roles of the business(es) and audit?
-Separation of duties
-What is management?s role in an effective CMS?
-What will regulators be looking for?

Audience: This program is designed for Compliance Officers along with their staffs; Internal Audit managers and their staffs; and members of bank management which oversee the Compliance function.

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