Commercial & Business Lending Basics for Support Personnel

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Lending is all about risk management. This seminar is designed to take the “mystery” out of the commercial lending process and the confusing terminology often used by lenders.

Support personnel have a key role and stake in the commercial and business lending process, and they can help to create a safe and sound loan portfolio. Many would say that support personnel are the backbone of a good leading team. This program takes the perspective of a non-lender, and what goes on during the process of analyzing and approving a loan, focusing on commercial and business loans.

Covered Topics
-An overview of the key steps in the commercial and business lending process
-The role of loan policy and typical content areas
-The types of financial analyses conducted
-Four keys to loan structuring, including the types of commercial loan facilities most frequently used, and various terminology
Loans as defined by financing length or term (loans, lines of credit, etc.)
Loans as defined by collateral (secured or unsecured)
Loans as defined by third party support (guaranteed or non-recourse)
-Overview of how bankers establish a risk rating for commercial and business loans
-Importance of ongoing loan monitoring after the loan is closed
-The “Five Cs of Credit”

Audience: Community bankers in non-lending roles, lending assistants, loan processors, loan operations personnel, new credit analysts, loan review personnel, internal audit and bank compliance specialists

Prerequisites: n/a

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