Professional Selling Skills Series

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The four-part Professional Selling Skills helps you drive new revenue, understand your clients, and maximize your time spent selling.  You will learn how to tailor your value statement to match the needs of the individual or business borrower, buyer, or investor.  We emphasize how to spend your time on the right clients that result in sales growth, while maximizing the highest value opportunities in your market.

We utilize a password protected and encrypted Zoom platform that enables us to deliver the presentation in a classroom format, plus offer the opportunity to participate in group exercises and discussions in separate Zoom rooms.

The Program:

Four 3-hour parts resulting in a Professional Sales Certificate.


(Four-Part Series – You can also just attend an individual session)


Part 1 – Prospecting in the Right Segments and Booking your Calendar to Capacity

Date: March 31, 2021

How do I get more prospects in the funnel and improve my sales results?  This lively presentation, Power Prospecting, will give you proven tips, techniques, and systems from the most successful sales oriented financial institutions, to enhance your skills and improve your productivity.  You will learn the most efficient ways to prospect, including how to set appointments through virtual technology, email, phone calls, and direct mail.  You will easily differentiate yourself in a crowded and competitive market.


  • Designing your value proposition to define why someone should meet you
  • How much prospecting anyway?
  • Generate more leads through your best clients
  • Getting appointments
  • The Ping Strategy – a method of staying in touch
  • When do I abandon a prospect?
  • Free prospecting tools
  • Free databases and meeting technologies
  • How will I measure success?

(Four-Part Series – You can also just attend an individual session)


Part 2 – Call Preparation and Call Delivery In-Person and Using Virtual Tools

Date: April 28, 2021

Sales calls and sales deals made with a hearty handshake may be a thing of the past. What in-person calling did represent was developing meaningful relationships with customers and prospects, after a series of meetings. That’s where in-person selling and virtual selling are the same.

The “now economy” and technology are allowing calling officers to close deals through online meetings, video conferences, digital documents, e-signatures, and in-person meetings. Even large deals can be conducted at a distance.

This fast-paced 3-hour lesson will help the calling officer use the right combination of technology and sales tools to effectively plan and prepare the sales call, and profitably sell banking products to companies and individuals, using both in-person and virtual approaches.


  • Setting up the call with pre-call research
  • Making the Sales Call
  • The Critical Importance of Sales Questions
  • Moving the Sale Forward
  • Effective Digital Closing Technique
  • Handling the Signing
  • Behavior-Based Approach to Collections
  • Follow-Up

(Four-Part Series – You can also just attend an individual session)


Part 3 – Understanding Buyer Behavior and the Buyer Mindset

Date: May 19, 2021

This fast-paced, e-classroom seminar will look at the differences in opinions, views, and behaviors of each generation. You will learn how to modify your strategies to grow business from each generational segment, including appropriate adjustments to your digital and in-person customer approaches and experiences. There is a generational wave of wealth transference, and you want to be able to stay atop the wave. Your buyers are regular consumers, business owners, employees, corporate executives, and so forth, but how they are affected by their age cohort has an effect on how they make financial decisions.

Your competitors will be competing for the attention and loyalty from iGen, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, with clear winners and losers. You will discover specific actions to take to improve the sales and service aspects, and to increase your revenue in excess of 10%.


  • The big differences between generations, and also the startling similarities in decision- making
  • Which sales approaches appeal to each generation
  • New ways to engage all groups in person, and digitally
  • Checking, deposit products, e-banking, wealth management, and insurance
  • Targeting loan growth
  • Educational approaches
  • Tactical roadmap to beat your competition

(Four-Part Series – You can also just attend an individual session)


Part 4 – Managing Buyer Objections and Gaining Commitment through a Professional Close

Date: June 30, 2021

One of the barriers to great sales success is not handling objections, followed by failing to close.  64% of salespeople fail to ask for the business.  That’s a number that’s replicated in survey after survey of salespeople.  It follows, if that many salespeople aren’t asking for the business, then the percentage of salespeople not handling objections must be incredibly high, because you hear objections when you ask for the business.  In this capstone presentation of our certificate program, we will explore:


  • The link between objections and successful closes
  • Is it a stall or is it an objection?
  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen, answer, prove
  • Effective digital and in-person professional close
  • Handling the signing

(Four-Part Series – You can also just attend an individual session)


Your Facilitator — Duane Sobecki

Duane Sobecki is the Co-Founder of Robovise, a digital wealth management advisor for banks, credit unions, financial advisors, and their customers. He is also Senior Partner of Focused Results. Duane is a renowned authority in sales strategy and strategic market segmentation. He provides assertive strategies to drive loan demand, business development, product and service lines to community banks and other FI’s.

Duane specializes in helping the financial services industry better segment important markets, and direct sales and marketing strategies at those key segments to ensure revenue and profit growth. He holds a BS from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and has a certificate in management planning from the University of Illinois – Chicago

Audience: Frontline salespeople -- such as branch managers, wealth managers, commercial lenders, mortgage and consumer lenders, and business development officers -- will find the strategies, techniques, and tools discussed will have a tremendous impact on sales growth.

Prerequisites: N/A

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