Credit Analysis - Capstone Seminar

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Attend this training and you will experience discussing and analyzing, real life, case studies and loan requests. This is NOT a traditional credit analysis class that solely examines financial statements.

You will have the opportunity to discuss loan scenarios, formulate answers and elevate your knowledge to the next level. You will also get a chance to attend loan committee reviewing requests. This unique seminar will help you to understand your commercial customer from their loan request through the product they sell.

A number of steps to determine this include:

-The Business Environment, SWOT Analysis & Business Life Cycle
-The Economic Environment
-The Management Environment

From there you will analyze the loan request and develop a rational loan structure. As a result you will be EMPOWERED TO ASSESS RISK AND ASSESS AN OPINION ON THE REQUEST.

The skills and tools you receive in this training can be immediately applied upon returning to your financial institution. You will gain a better insight into the economy, the commercial loan environment, the business loan request, cash flow analysis, loan structure while touching briefly on collateral.

At the conclusion of the seminar you will understand the factors that impact ability to repay debt obligations and how to document the findings in a written credit memo.

Participants will do a credit write-up.

Audience: Anyone interested in Credit Analysis

Prerequisites: Analyzing Financial Statements or Intro to Analyzing Financial Statements, Global Cash Flow, Personal & Business Tax Return Analysis and Commercial Loan Documentation

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Length: 6 Hours

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