Why Quality Customer Service Matters

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This suite of five courses, one exercise module, and one toolkit* delves into the skills critical to making clients feel valued. Completing this suite provides insight into improving customer service skills, especially during stressful situations, to help build client relationships. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Created: January 2018

*Only available as a suite

The Importance of Customer Service
Guides you through making your clients feel valued by meeting their expectations. Develop a deep understanding of the customer service skills critical to increasing sales, and to the overall success of your bank.

Customer Service Basics
Guides you through using basic customer service skills during client interactions, both internal and external.

-The Importance of Communication
Guides you through improving client interactions. Gain insight into the factors that influence communication, such as word choice, tone of voice, and body language.

-Handling Stress
Guides you through handling stress when symptoms arise during client interactions. Manage stress by reframing tense situations as opportunities for building relationships and retaining clients.

-Handling Upset Clients
Guides you through applying good customer service skills to challenging situations. Explore ways to return angry clients to a rational state of mind, so that you may more easily understand their problem. Get tips to help clients feel that you are taking personal responsibility for resolving issues.

-Why Quality Customer Service Matters ? Apply What You’ve Learned
Practice providing quality customer service by applying good customer service and communication skills to client interactions.

Guides you through working with a coach to increase learning retention and provides additional reference materials for on-the-job application of quality customer service skills.

Audience: Branch and administrative office staff, call center staff, tellers, new hires, and anyone who may interact with customers.

Prerequisites: None

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