Understanding Nonverbal Communication

Course Number: ABA

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We all communicate nonverbally. This short video demonstrates how the nonverbal communication that you project affects the way that your spoken communication is received by others. While interpreting other’s body language is important, it is equally important to understand what your nonverbal communication is telling others.

Part of the Body Language Basics series, presented by Tonya Gossage

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand what 10 common gestures—like pulling ears, drumming fingers, head tilts, etc., mean
  • Be aware of the signals your posture, voice tone, inflection and appearance give to others

Audience: All audiences, including Customer Service Representatives, Managers, Lenders, Sales-Oriented Positions, Retail Banking Officers, Branch Managers, Administration Officers

Prerequisites: n/a

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Length: Approximately 7 minutes

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