Teller Basics Suite

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: ABA

This suite of six courses* – perfect for onboarding – teaches critical customer service and technical skills, from handling checks and cash to processing deposits and withdrawals, and more. Learn the evolving role of tellers in today’s banks, as well as safety and security procedures. 


*Only available as a suite

  • Cash Handling
    Guides you through best practices for managing cash. Get tips for recognizing the features of U.S. currency and identifying altered, counterfeit, and mutilated money. Master teller opening and closing procedures, including arranging the cash drawer in a consistent way, counting cash correctly, and verifying cash on hand.
  • Handling Checks
    Guides you through handling check transactions. Explore the different types of checks that you may encounter. Learn how different check types must meet certain requirements to be accepted for deposit or cashed. Discover key indicators that a check may be forged or altered.
  • Processing Transactions
    Guides you through common transactions. Learn how to process deposits, withdrawals, negotiable items, loan payments, bankcard transactions, and foreign currency. Develop an awareness of regulations and security measures that affect processing procedures. Discover signals that may indicate suspicious activity.
  • Providing Quality Customer Service
    Guides you through delivering customer service that exceeds expectations. Enhance skills to better serve a variety of customers, such as sharpening communication abilities, managing difficult customers, and developing deeper knowledge of banking products.
  • Robbery and Bank Security
    Guides you through safety and security procedures. Understand the appropriate behavior for a robbery situation. Explore ways to respond to bomb and kidnapping threats, active shooter incidents, and fire incidents. Discover guidelines to follow if the bank suspects a potential con artist or financial scam. Review daily bank security routines.
  • The Changing Role of the Teller
    Guides you through the business of banking as well as the principles and standards that bank tellers must follow in their everyday responsibilities. Discover the progressive steps to take to become an experienced, professional teller.

Audience: For Onboarding. Newly hired tellers.

Prerequisites: None

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Length: Approximately 5 hours

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