SANS Security Awareness Interactive Games Suite

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: ABA

This suite provides you with the training needed to be compliant with overall security awareness standards using engaging, game-like activities that allow you to apply what you’ve learned and practice critical skills needed during actual threats.

Produced by the SANS Institute


*Only available as a suite. Durations are approximate.

  • Email and Phishing – Interactive (10 minutes)
    Learners check their phishing detection skills across several scenarios.
  • Social Engineering – Interactive (6 minutes)
    Students review several scenarios to decide what actions they should take to stay safe in socially- engineered cyber-attacks.
  • Malware – Interactive (4 minutes)
    Students learn to recognize the signs of malware.
  • Browsing Safely – Interactive (3 minutes)
    Learners review a series of actions to follow to stay safe online.
  • Social Networks – Interactive (5 minutes)
    During this session students join a social network and decide which posts are safe and/or risky.
  • Mobile Devices – Interactive (4 minutes)
    Learners engage in scenarios that test their mobile device security skills.
  • Passwords – Interactive (6 minutes)
    Participants review several scenarios involving safe decisions regarding passwords and security question management.
  • Targeted Attacks – Interactive (6 minutes)
    In this segment you’ll learn how hackers target their attacks to gain access.
  • Data Security – Interactive (5 minutes)
    Participants review data sensitivity, authorization, handling and destruction.
  • Hacked – Interactive (5 minutes)
    Compromised or safe? Review ten coworker scenarios and decide if sensitive information has been compromised.

Audience: These courses are appropriate for everyone at all levels in a bank.

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 1.0 CAFP, 1.0 CFSSP

Length: Approximately 54 minutes

ABA Training