Relationship Selling to Small Business Customers

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Course Code: ABA

Describes six steps of the Relationship Sales Cycle. Explains effective verbal and nonverbal communication, and open-end and closed-end questions to listen to the business customer?s needs. Explores parts of transition and benefit statements, a process to handle business customer objections, and methods to recognize buying signals to close the sale.

Updated: June 2017
Re-versioned: August 2016

What You’ll Learn
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

-Identify the six steps in the Relationship Sales Cycle
-Describe the key strategies for the small business market
-Create an impression of credibility and professionalism by using rapport-building techniques with small business customers
-Identify where a customer is in the business life cycle and the business operating cycle to evaluate their needs
-Present product solutions that match customer needs
-Respond to objections from customers
-Close the sale and follow up with customers

Audience: Bank personnel who are new to the small business market and who are responsible for selling bank products and services to small business customers.

Prerequisites: It is suggested that participants take the Fundamentals of Small Business Banking? Suite before taking this course.

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