Reg Z Non Home Secured (Open-End Credit)

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: ABA

This course discusses types of open-end non-home secured lines of credit other than credit cards. The course reviews disclosure requirements, periodic statement requirements, change in terms notices, payment processing rules, and liability for non-compliance.

?Updated: February 2019
Re-versioned: June 2016

What You’ll Learn
After completing this course, students will be able to:

-Explain the account opening disclosures
-Explain the requirements for periodic statements
-Describe change-in-terms notice requirements
-Explain the rules about payments on lines of credit

Audience: Branch staff (lenders, CSRs Call Center, personal bankers) who takes consumer line of credit applications (such as overdraft lines of credit) or discuss loan products with consumers. For some banks, this course may also be applicable for tellers making referrals to the platform.

Prerequisites: The Reg Z Overview course must be taken at least once before any other Reg Z course is attempted.

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Credits: 0.5 CLBB, CRCM

Length: 20 min

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