Reg B: Appraisals and Other Valuations

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: n/a

Explains the Regulation B requirements that creditors provide applicants with free copies of all appraisals and other written valuations developed in connection with an application for a loan to be secured by a first lien on a dwelling. Explores the requirements for notifying applicants in writing that copies of appraisals will be provided to them promptly.

What You’ll Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Define “valuation” for Regulation B purposes
  • Explain banks’ obligations to provide copies of appraisals and other valuations when they are obtained in connection with certain mortgages, including the timing and delivery of such copies
  • Explain how to comply when there are multiple versions of or corrections to an appraisal or other valuation
  • Describe the appraisal notice requirements

Audience: Bank personnel who take and process loan applications.

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 0.50 CLBB, CRCM

Length: Approximately 20 minutes

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