Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns Suite

Course Number: ABA

Course Code: n/a

These four courses highlight personal financial statements and tax returns, the analysis of key ratios and adjusted net worth, and the importance of combining business and personal cash flow into a global analysis.


The courses included (only available as a suite) and their objectives are listed below:

  • Types of Personal Financial Statements
    Describe the basic formats for personal financial statements. Identify the information that is reviewed and verified prior to analyzing the personal financial statement.
  • Key Ratios and Adjusted Net Worth
    Calculate and interpret the liquidity ratio, unsecured debt ratio, and debt-to-income ratio. Perform an analysis using ratios to determine personal financial condition. Describe the components of adjusted net worth, and use adjusted net worth to analyze key personal asset and liability accounts.
  • Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow
    Describe the key components of a personal tax return. Use tax return information to develop a personal cash flow.
  • Combining Business and Personal Cash Flow into Global Cash Flow
    Explain why global cash flow is critical when making credit decisions. Develop a global cash flow and global DSC for a borrower.

Audience: Commercial and/or business bankers and credit analysts.

Prerequisites: n/a

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