Selling Fundamentals

Course Number: CFT

Course Code: MKA 1021

The Selling Fundamentals course prepares students with a detailed, yet broad, step-by-step selling process that is universal in nature. Selling Fundamentals demonstrates to students the order of steps within the selling process; provides numerous examples of what should be in each step; and shows how the steps within the selling process interact with one another. Combined with up-to-date content and a strong ethical focus, Selling Fundamentals teaches sales the way a mentor would: with a strong, practical focus that puts the customer first.

Topics covered include:

  • An Illustrated Overview of Selling
  • Life, Times, and Career of the Professional Salesperson
  • Relationship Marketing: Where Personal Selling Fits
  • Ethics First… Then Customer Relationships
  • The Psychology of Selling: Why People Buy
  • Communication for Relationship Building: It’s Not All Talk
  • Sales Knowledge: Customers, Products, Technologies
  • Prospecting — The Lifeblood of Selling
  • Planning the Sales Call Is a Must!
  • Carefully Select Which Sales Presentation Method to Use
  • Begin Your Presentation Strategically
  • Elements of a Great Sales Presentation
  • Welcome Your Prospect’s Objections
  • Closing Begins the Relationship
  • Service and Follow-Up for Customer Retention
  • Time, Territory, and Self-Management: Keys to Success
  • Planning, Staffing, and Training Successful Salespeople
  • Motivation, Compensation, Leadership, and Evaluation of Salespeople

Audience: Anyone interested in improving their selling skills

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 3

Start Date: 11/09/2020
End Date: 01/25/2021
Length: 12 Weeks
Start Time: 12:00 am
End Time: 12:00 am
Day: Online
Location/Room: Online Instructor-Led

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