Principles of Banking

Course Number: CFT

Course Code: BAN 1004

An overview of nearly every aspect of banking , including the banking system, deposit accounts, negotiable Instruments, lending, personal financial planning and more. Ideal for new bank employees, as well those bankers who have worked in the industry for some time but want to learn more about other areas of banking.

Learning Objectives
– Explain the context, structure and operation of banks as both service providers and profit-making enterprises that rely on employees to provide customer-focused service
– Explain how banks function as financial intermediaries, contribute to the flow of economic activity and help the – -Federal Reserve fulfill its role in managing monetary policy
– Describe the roles of boards of directors, senior management, committees and employees in the business operations of banks
– Identify the types of loans banks offer their customers, the lending process and laws and regulations pertaining to lending
– Explain how banks safeguard their assets and protect the nationƒ??s economy by adopting appropriate employee hiring and vendor management practices and remaining vigilant to crimes against banks

ABA Diplomas/Certificates: This course applies to all ABA Diplomas.ƒ??

Audience: Personnel new to banking at all levels

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 3

Length: 12 Weeks

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