Commercial Lending

Course Number: CFT

Course Code: BAN 1231

The Commercial Lending course is ACE recommended for College Credit Transfer!

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective commercial lender. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: explain why good human relations skills are critically important to the successful lending officer in many stages of the commercial lending process; identify the functions of the loan interview and credit investigation; describe how the borrowerƒ??s financing needs and business type can affect the structuring of a loan; list important elements of loan documents and describe their functions; and name some warning signs of problem loans and identify ways that you can prevent problem loans.

Textbook chapter topics include:
– The Commercial Lending Process and Initial Business – -Development Calls
– Credit Investigation and Assessing Industry, Market, and – Management Risk
– Loan Policies and Procedures, Including Credit Risk -Ratings
– Loan Packages and Credit Write-Ups
– Commercial Loan Structuring
– Identifying Viable Secondary and Tertiary Sources of -Repayment
– Key Documents, Loan Agreements, and Covenants
– Loan Pricing and Negotiating
– Problem Loans

Audience: Designed for entry-level commercial lending officers, loan officer trainees, or personnel supporting commercial lending officers

Prerequisites: Analyzing Financial Statements

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