PRACTELL - The Complete Teller Training Solution

Course Number: Self-Study

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This COMPLETE Teller Training System includes:

-Gives real-life examples for real-life experiences
-Increases customer satisfaction
-Reduces training timeƒ??gets tellers out to the line faster
-Offers over 200 topics on the basics of tellering, and much more
-Provides continuous self-testing of knowledge, topic by topic, and unit by unit
-Covers every critical teller responsibility

BENEFITS of this Self-Paced Online Course include:

-Ready-to-use online system
-Shows front and back of checks to simulate real life environment
-Provides information on all aspects of tellering
-Emphasizes customer relations
-Focuses on teller operations and transactions
-Identifies security, fraud, and loss control principles
-Gives the basics of compliance and regulatory training
-Helps with frequently asked customer questions
-Final examination providing a standard measure of learning


This self-paced online course will take approximately 14 to 16 hours to complete. You have 35 days from your start date to complete this course. You will receive 2.00 credit hour for a passing grade of ƒ??Cƒ?? or better. No withdrawal is accepted once you have registered for this self-paced online course.

Audience: n/a

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 2

Length: 5 weeks

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