Human Resource Selection

Course Number: Self-Study

Course Code: BAN 3310

The Human Resource Selection course offers advanced treatment of the technical issues involved in developing and implementing selection programs within organizations. This course provides up-to-date research and applications for those already working in selection and provides current examples and exhibits. Human Resource Selection covers legal, global and ethical concerns, psychometric measurement concepts, job analysis, predictors of job performance and criteria measures.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Selection
  • Legal Issues in Selection
  • Human Resource Measurement in Selection
  • Reliability of Selection Measures
  • Validity of Selection Measures
  • Strategies for Selection Decision Making
  • Job Analysis in Human Resource Selection
  • Incorporating Job Analysis Results in Selection Measures
  • Application Forms, Training and Experience Evaluations, and Reference Checks
  • Weighted Application Blanks and Biographical Data
  • The Selection Interview
  • Ability Tests
  • Personality Assessment
  • Performance Tests and Assessment Centers
  • Integrity Testing, Drug Testing, and Graphology
  • Measures of Job Performance

Audience: Those working in Human Resources or who are heavily involved in the hiring process

Prerequisites: n/a

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Credits: 3


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