Wharton Leadership in the 21st Century

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In an increasingly connected and fast-paced world, leaders can no longer succeed simply by exerting authority and telling others what to do. Today’s successful leaders know how to create positive and productive organizational cultures. Leadership in the 21st Century was designed to teach you how to create a workplace where your employees thrive and your organization succeeds. You’ll learn how to effectively engage employees, foster creativity, identify “givers, takers and matchers,” lead with purpose and create a culture that encourages success. This course features the world’s most acclaimed professors and their cutting-edge research on the qualities and behaviors of successful and unsuccessful work environments. Leadership in the 21st Century will inspire you and your employees to make changes for the better, while giving you the tools you need to develop a positive strategy for leading your company into the future.

The program incorporates cutting edge research on the qualities and behaviors of successful leadership to illustrate how to create an environment where employees thrive and step up to meet stretch goals for the organization.


  • Section 1: Engaging Hearts and Minds
  • Section 2: Understanding Work Styles and Cultivating Originality
  • Section 3: Purpose-Driven Leadership
  • Section 4: Organizational Culture and Culture Change
  • Optional: An Interview with Mallika Dutt

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