ABA “NEW” Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate

​Mortgage Loans are a core product for most banks. Despite the slew of new regulations, customers continue to buy and refinance their homes and they expect their bank will provide them a variety of mortgage options to meet their needs.
The ABA Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate provides a solid understanding of banking, credit analysis, and legal principles that support the mortgage process. In keeping with evolving customer preferences, the certificate underscores relationship sales skills in addition to the mechanics of a mortgage loan, thereby preparing loan officers to be successful in growing their book of business while helping their bank acquire a deeper share of wallet.
The certificate is designed for aspiring mortgage lenders and those individuals new to the mortgage area of the bank, including mortgage loan clerks, loan processors, and closers.


Required Courses –

You must complete the following  courses:

  • Banking Today or Principles of Banking
  • Appraisal Procedures
  • Basics of Mortgage Processing
  • Completing the HUD-1
  • Discovering FHA Programs
  • Effective Client Referrals
  • Elements of Title Insurance
  • Essentials of Mortgage Lending
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Explaining Loan Modifications
  • Gathering the Facts on Mortgage Fraud
  • Mortgage Customer Counseling and Prequalifications
  • Personal Tax Return Analysis
  • Preparing the Loan Estimate
  • Preparing the Closing Documentation
  • Processing and Underwriting Credit
  • Processing Income and Assets
  • Reviewing the Appraisal Report